honest hemp

Honest Hemp

I have been using CBD oil for a long while and I rate it immensely! My favourite benefit is it’s anxiolytic quality, which has seen my public speaking ability sky-rocket! I find it a brilliant aid to relaxation and in aiding a great night’s sleep too! Due to my already stellar nutrition, I’ve not noticed the benefit to my exercise recovery that many athletes cite, but I don’t doubt that it works for them. It’s good for many people that suffer various pains throughout the body, also acts as an anti-depressant and is being prescribed by the NHS now for the treatment of several diseases, including Parkinson’s.

There are now lots of CBD companies around but I like working with Honest Hemp because they prioritise quality and sustainability; sourcing only organic ingredients from ethical suppliers.

They have an impressive range of products and give a VERY generous 30% discount to first time buyers using my discount code and 15% for all future sales. This is the best deal that I’ve seen and I’m thrilled to be able to offer this to my followers.

Simply click the link below and enter either code HENCHCBD30 for first time buyers or code HENCHCBD15 for all subsequent purchases at the checkout to receive your discount. Don’t bother putting code HENCHCBD100, I tried it, it DOESN’T work! :(