Former Norwich City Football Club Captain and Scotland International Russell Martin

I was given Paul's details by a friend when I first went vegan and was told he'd help me get on the right path to making sure I'm getting enough from my diet to continue performing at a high level. I didn't really know where to start as like most people, a meal wasn't a meal without a bit of meat or fish on my plate. Paul gave me lots of helpful tips and information, from recipes to research on why a vegan diet is better for our health. He devised an eating plan to ensure I was getting the right amount of protein, carbs and fats from my diet. He made it a much easier transition for me and I haven't looked back.


Steve Bartrum

I have been training with Paul for 11 months now and would like to say how much he has helped me. I’d had 2 Personal Trainers previous to Paul and they were both more interested in their own egos- barking orders at me and not training me in a way I enjoyed! I was just shy of 25 stone when I started training with Paul but with his patience and commitment to me I have lost over 6 stone. He has a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and fitness and I believe that Paul has helped put years on my life. When I first started with him I was verging on having type 2 diabetes and I did have a serious liver disease both of which have been totally reversed through good nutritional and fitness advice! I have also become vegan through listening to Paul and his partner Gemma’s nutrition advice regarding animal products and I know I could never go back, I feel too amazing! To anyone thinking of using Paul as their PT I would totally recommend him, he is great at his job but more importantly he genuinely enjoys helping his clients get results. Cheers PK you have changed my life. Steve Bartram


Vivian Lau

I’ve been working with Paul as my personal trainer for some months now & I’m noticing positive changes constantly, whether it’s muscle tone or strength gains. Extremely down to earth & friendly, Paul is a fantastic trainer with a wealth of information to keep you focused & on target. So as long you’re willing to put in the effort, he will help you on your way to achieving what you set out to do & more! Vivian Lau



Karl Tuttle

When I first went to Paul at the beginning part of 2013 I was in a bad place. I had just turned 50 years old and was overweight, depressed and had no confidance at all. A mutual friend suggested I enlist Paul’s help to see if I could raise my self esteem. I was petrified and embarrassed of the way I looked walking into that gym but instantly Paul put me at ease telling me not to worry about people around me as they all had to start somewhere and just to focus on him. He explained and demonstrated every exercise and got me to try,  putting me right on how to do them safely and explaining how to maximise the benefits. At the end of the first session he handed me a diet plan to follow. Initially I trained with paul once a week. He kept a check on my diet and weight loss, always encouraging me in every exercise. If I had the odd bad week he always reassured me that next week I would do better. I increased to 2 times a week as I was starting to enjoy my workouts and look forward to them. I didn’t really notice the changes in my body at first as I never used to look at myself in the mirror, but people started to complement me on what was happening to my physique and my clothes were starting to hang loose on me. My confidance improved ten fold and soon I no longer needed my diabetes medication! I increased my sessions to 4 times a week as I was enjoying feeling good in my mind and body and I wanted more of it! As paul always said the more you put in the more you get out, not a truer word could of been said. I kept going to Paul till May of 2014 when I moved to Ireland. I’d gone from a 38in waist down to 32in! I could never have made such progress without Paul’s guidance. My waist is still as narrow and I still feel really healthy and good about myself. None of this could of been possible without Paul, he is truely an amazing human being. I feel so privileged to have met him and can honestly say he is worth his weight in gold. Karl Tuttle