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I’m Paul, a Vegan Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist based in Norwich, England. I pride myself on delivering the highest quality personal training, enabling people to achieve excellent results. Whether you are a raw (& possibly nervous) beginner or a serious athlete I can accommodate your needs. Or maybe you’re not even a gym-goer, but you simply want to eat the best, health-promoting diet, I can help with that too!




I promote a vegan lifestyle for optimal health and sports performance and the wellbeing of the planet and the animals 



By eating a whole foods plant based diet we can avoid future disease, halt the progression of current disease and in many cases even reverse it.




I offer one to one personal training sessions, personalised nutrition and workout plans (via email) and general consultations (in person and via Skype & telephone).

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Former Norwich City Football Club Captain and Scotland International Russell Martin

I was given Paul's details by a friend when I first went vegan and was told he'd help me get on the right path to making sure I'm getting enough from my diet to continue performing at a high level. I didn't really know where to start as like most people, a meal wasn't a meal without a bit of meat or fish on my plate. Paul gave me lots of helpful tips and information, from recipes to research on why a vegan diet is better for our health. He devised an eating plan to ensure I was getting the right amount of protein, carbs and fats from my diet. He made it a much easier transition for me and I haven't looked back.